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It has a basket for the rider which is allocated between the two back wheels, it is smaller and lighter than the standard size bike. This bicycle is perfect for: disabled people who have difficulties with walking, people who cannot ride a standard bicycle but wish to do so (usually  the health problems have prevented them  from using an ordinary bicycle) or people who use bicycle for transportation of goods (up to 25 kg) along shorter distances with a possibilities of using this bike in pedestrian areas. Upgraded Capriolo.

TeretniMobile stall / light weight tricycle

It has a box for transportation of goods ( up to 50 kg) and a space for advertising. It can be used by-self-employed individuals for seasonal businesses ( ice-cream sellers, pop-corn sellers etc. ). It is very popular among businesses that are successful in pedestrian areas.



It has padded bench with a back which is covered with waterproof cover and it is made for transport of passengers, sightseeing or fun rides. It can be used for: Tour guides, Self entertainment, Taxi  services orRent-a-bike purposes

Hand-operated tricycle

It has a comfortable seat with a padded back, and padded lean on support for rider's elbows. It is specially made for disable people who are unable to use their legs but want to be independent in their moving around.

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