Do you like to spend time outside? You cannot ride a bike, but you would love to? You are drawn to the no car zones? Are you organizing or expanding whole sale company? Is your business dealing with transportation of passengers?

The three wheeler  is the right thing for you!

Pedals operate our threewheeler bicycles. They are stable and sturdy. People with various disabilities can reach self-confidence while using our bicycles. The threewheeler can take you to anywhere without any limits.  You can transport anything you fancy. It is simple and cheap to take any goods while cycling our trikes. You can cruise around no-car zones. You will be protecting the air around you!

About us

The three-wheeler is a program of  threewheels bicycles which has been made in a registered independent bicycle shop “Pedala” which offers their servicing and whole sale services. The shop has been opened since 1990 in Pancevo, an industrial town near Serbian capital Belgrade.

Based on long-term experience in repairing and servicing bicycles mechanical and constructional knowledge as well as internet research about the various use of threewheeler bicycles the owner of the shop / the professional mechanic has come up with an idea to create the threewheeler.

The threewheelers  exist all over the world. Our threewheeler has the following new elements:

  • it's construction is adopted for the usage of disabled individuals ( each bike can meet different disabilities ) and
  • it's followed by a special tool to maintain it's usage
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